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Permanence and Impermanence: Auggie’s Pictures

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They’re all the same, but each one is different from every other one.  You’ve got your bright mornings; your fog mornings; you’ve got your summer light and your autumn light; you’ve got your week days and your weekends; you’ve got … Continue reading

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The Chalets of Farndon

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  The chalet colony, through which I walked with Anna on that bright morning, was larger and more cheerful than the neighbouring villages.  Nobody needed an expulsion order to move in. ‘Ghost Milk: Calling Time on the Grand Project’ – … Continue reading

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Whilst sorting through my late father-in-law’s photographic equipment recently, I found a number of files of studies he had made of the ever-changing skies of Devon and Cornwall.  He had lived with very bad health in his later years and this prevented him … Continue reading

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