One Year – Week 9

Project Description

One Year is a project through which I intend to construct a daily photographic record of a single view: the view from my study window at around 8.00a.m. each day when I sit down to work.  One Year will annotate each picture with a note of the weather for that morning and the morning’s main news headline from the BBC News site.  In addition, there will be a note taking a key sentence or two from my daily journal.

For full details and artist’s statement go to Week 1 here


15 November 2013

November 15th 2013

  • Light cloud
  • Spain’s Gibraltar checks lawful – EU
  • I pledge elegance / two thief rag



16 November 2013

  • November 16th 2013
  • Light cloud
  • PM urges Sri Lanka to act on rights
  • … and in my dream it was my last day in a workplace where, apparently, I’d worked for years.  It was an imagined place, but I still woke up with a feeling of loss and sadness for the imagined job and the imagined people I was leaving behind.

17 November 2013

November 17th 2013

  • Light cloud
  • PM ‘will not lower age of consent’
  • What would be interesting would be if, while sticking within the bounds of the genre, he could nonetheless pull off something daring and experimental.

18 November 2013

November 18th 2013

  • Heavy rain
  • Search engines to block abuse images
  • To Gresford in search of the grave of Harold, May Sinclair’s brother


19 November 2013

November 19th 2013

Sunny intervals                                                                    Hospitals to publish staffing levels                                  Listening to a reading in English by Caroline Bergvall and her soothing, but slightly disorientating, French/Norwegian tones


20 November 2013

November 20th 2013

  • Heavy rain shower
  • Call to end Troubles prosecutions
  • No sign of that comet in the sky this morning.  Stand easy, Bruce Willis.


21 November 2013

November 21st 2013

  • Light cloud
  • Army unit ‘killed unarmed civilians’
  • In his wine shop in Whitechapel, Mr Trotosky presides over the cabinets with his glassy smile and polished head.  ‘O?’, I say.

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